Our philosophy is based on humanistic values and approaches. We operate based on the principle of inclusion by design to prevent disparities. We promote whole health. Whole health of individuals includes physical, mental, spiritual, social, as well as community health. We believe this over-arching goal can be achieved and implemented by integrative model of service delivery, which provides continuation of care and advocacy for clients in the context of community. Our clinical training program is designed as an effective and necessary professional workforce development to respond to our community’s needs. Our operation has been based on the principle of commitment to “excellence” and “lifelong learning,” which promotes the high quality of our services to clients and community.

Integrated Model of Service Delivery



American Psychological Association


  Doctoral Internship                     


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My Proposal to make Juneteenth a National Holiday

 – an inspiration toward an inclusionary and just society! 

Juneteenth Proposal for National Holiday