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IMCES Activities Honoring Mental Health Awareness Month

IMCES has, since its inception in 1989, played a leading role in promoting mental health and wellness, addressing disparities in access to health and mental health services, and reducing stigma and discrimination. IMCES has provided access to health and behavioral health services to over thousands of individuals annually from culturally and linguistically diverse underserved low-income populations in Los Angeles.

We take our commitment to human rights and social justice seriously and take it into action on a day-to-day basis. Under the leadership of Dr. Pir, who conducts a weekly Diversity Training, our staff including Doctoral Interns and Postdoctoral Residents are engaged in a model of training that requires the adoption and demonstration of a “Growth Mind-Set,” with the emphasis on leadership development and advocacy.

IMCES staff, Interns, and Residents have “taken the pledge” to raise awareness about mental health by signing and posting green ribbons in our office. They have also participated in wearing green ribbons to spark conversations about mental health and stigma associated with mental illness.

This year, our Doctoral Interns also demonstrated their commitment by coordinating and arranging our Open House event that included diverse presentations such as showing the documentary film “A New State of Mind: Ending the Stigma of Mental Illness,” narrated by actress Glenn Close, and IMCES clients sharing their success stories. The event was attended by community leaders including educators, local business people, and representatives of local financial institution. Our outreach and awareness-raising activities included communication with County, State, and Federal officials.

Our Open House event included a number of powerful presentations by IMCES Doctoral Interns related to mental health and stigma. The list of presentations, with the aim of raising awareness in our community is listed below for public education purposes:


Designed through the Leadership of IMCES Doctoral Interns


Sirvart Mesrobian “Removed”

Joseph Marquez Stigma and DV

Justin Underwood Depression Awareness

Daniel Nunez Addiction and Stigma

Irina Abramians Self-Awareness

Jessica Lara Mental Health and Teens

Armen Yekyazarian “Advocacy to End Stigma”

Khashayar F. Langroudi Int’l Day Against Homophobia

F. Mihai Fodoreanu President Obama

Menatalla Ads Defining Mental Health

Araksya Arutyunyan BPD

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